Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lush Mint Julip Lip Scrub Review

Many of people have heard of the Lush lip scrubs. Their popular one is the bubblegum flavor. I was going to get that one but I decided to get the minty one. It had a fresh smell to me.

This lip scrub is amazing it's minty and smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream which you can't go wrong with. You just take a nice chunk of it and apply it to your lips. Rubbing it into your lips it takes off most of the dead skin leaves your lips super soft. Also you can just lick it off when your done and it leaves your breath smelling good. Definitely recommend this product.

What's your favorite Lush lip scrub?

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Everyday Makeup!

I have changed my makeup look/makeup routine so many times and now I'm finally pretty happy with my everyday look. These are the products I use everyday.

Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium

I love this because it's only $3 dollars so it's not expensive and works great. It fills in my eyebrows really well and goes on smoothly.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry

This is a great lipstick/crayon if you want a little bit of color and don't want the hassle. It goes on smooth and is very matte looking but you can a little bit of chapstick to add the gloss look.

Maybelline Ag Rewind Concealer in Light

Even though this is a product I mentioned this in my products I regret buying I still like to use it just to slap on.

Elf Smudge Pot In Crusin' Chic

This is a everyday eyeshadow that works wonders. If your in a rush or you just want to add a hint of color it looks great. It stays on all day and it is great for a primer.

Lo'real Butterfly Waterpoof Mascara

This mascara applies evenly and doesn't clump like most mascaras. It has a great brush to separate your lashes and gives tons of volume.

Clinique Pink Blush 

This blush is great for everyday use and give you just the amount of color you need for your cheeks.

What makeup products do you use everyday?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Empties #3

I have some more empties to share that I have used up in the past couple of months.

 Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

This shower gel smells just like raspberry jam and lingers for hours after applying. Keeps your skin moisturized and feeling clean.

Would you repurchase this? 
Yes when it comes out again in the winter.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer Gradual Tanner

This is an alright self tanner it leaves a nice glow behind and smells pretty good. The only thing is you have to apply it everyday and the smell gets a little old.

Would you repurchase this?
Maybe but I want to try some different self tanners.

Makeup Forever Mascara

I got this in the birthday gift from Sephora and it was alright. It was a travel size and it lasted for 2 months.

Would you repurchase this?
No because I'm sure there's a cheaper and better mascara at the drugstore.

Bath&Body Works Fresh Market Apples Hand Sanitizer

This is one of my favorite scents from Bath&Body. It smells like fresh apples and reminds me of summer.

Would you repurchase this?

Lush American Cream Conditioner

I have talked about this conditioner from Lush in a haul and I love it! It smells like a strawberry and vanilla milkshake.

Would you repurchase this? 
I already have.

Honey Marc Jacobs Perfume

This perfume smells amazing like sweet honey but not that annoying smell. I got this at Sephora as a sample.

Would you Repurchase this?

Elf Lip Balm Tint in Berry

This is only 1 dollar at Target and it's a great deal for how soft it makes your lips. This is a complete steal when it comes to lip balm.

Would you repurchase this?

Yes but I have so many lip balms to get through.

Lush So White Shower Gel

Great shower gel smells like apples and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Would you repurchase this?

Yes when it comes back in the winter.

Hope you liked this post and my empties!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Simple Micellar Water

First I have to start out by saying this is a great makeup remover. This takes off most all of my makeup leaving my face feeling clean and soft. Not only does this remove makeup but this claims to moisturize your skin. I haven't really found that so far but I moisturize right after with my Clinquie face lotion.

The only problem I find with this makeup remover is that it doesn't remove waterproof mascara which is just fine but it would be awesome if it did. Other then that this product is a thumbs up definitely worth checking out. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Appreciate The Little Things

image from tumblr words by me

There's always those little thing to be thankful for. We're
all so wrapped up in everything that we forget to appreciate those things myself included. I sat down and made a small list of things to appreciate.

-To wake up in a great mood and fully charge for the day

-Those TV/movies that always put you in a good mood

-Family and friends 

-Those songs that understand you perfectly

-The warm weather

 What do you appreciate?