Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anxiety Attacks.

image from tumblr

I know that a lot of people have talk about this on Youtube and on blogs but I wanted to share some of my anxiety. I have wrote a post about my OCD and anxiety but I have never wrote about anxiety attacks which is weird because they have played a big part in my anxiety  

Most of you know that I have pretty bad anxiety and OCD. Unfortunately anxiety comes with anxiety attacks with are awful. For me my anxiety attacks started with have shortness of breath and feeling like I'm having a heart attack. To me it really felt like I was having a heart attack my heart was racing and ached. I also heard that your left arm would hurt if you were having a heart attack. I had all the symptoms but I wasn't having a heart attack thank God. I used to get them at the worst times too in the car, on vacation or going somewhere, school and so many other places.

The worst for me was having them at school. I have no one to talk to and I'm completely on my own. They use to be much worst a couple years ago I never really wanted to do anything or hang out with friends because I had anxiety attacks.

My anxiety attacks have changed from having a heart attack from feeling like I can't breath. My anxiety attacks have gone away for a while and now there back. I think anxiety attack are one of the worst things. But your not alone if you have them over millions of people have anxiety it's a part of life. 


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