Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blogs I Have Been Loving

I have never done one of these posts but I thought I would share what blogs I have been loving lately and spread some blogger love. :D

Wishwishwish- This blog is written by the lovely Carrie. I love the design of the blog it looks so laid back and just has a simple look to it. There's a little bit for everyone on this blog there is fashion, beauty and some awesome little freebies. This is a blog definitely worth checking out. 

Oh Happy Day!- This blog is wrote by Jordan. I like this blog because there are always fun little crafts and diys that you can do. It great for it you have last minute gift to get you can just make them. Perfect for look at on a boring rainy day with nothing to do.

The Sunday Chapter- This wonderful blog is written by Angela. This blog has tips, tricks, fashion and beauty. This blog has really good content that is help and relatable. Great if you need help with your blog and just day to day things.

I would recommend checking out all of these blogs they have great content that everyone can enjoy. Hope you liked the post.

What are some of your favorite blog at the moment?


  1. I nominated you in my Liebster Award blog post, please check it out :)

    MollyRose, x x x「」

    1. Thank you but I got that many times already. :)


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