Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY Lip scrub

Hi Guys sorry for the lack of posts.I have been looking at lip scrubs lately. So I thought I would make my own it's much cheaper and it's so easy to make. 

You will need


-A bowl any size
-a spoon
-Any container you want to put it in


1.) Pour 1/4 of sugar into the bowl

2.) Take 3 drops of honey
3.) Take the spoon and stir the honey and sugar together (This might be hard so mash the honey and sugar together.)
4.) Take it out of the bowl and transfer it to your container. It should have a textured look to it. 

All done enjoy your very own lip scrub! :D


Here's how mine turned out. I really don't think lip scrubs work very well or maybe it's just me. Usually to get dead skin off my lips I put chapstick on and then use my nail to take it off my lips. I think it works better but that's just my opinion. But it does have a strong sweet honey smell which I like.


  1. I love reading DIYs and this one was very nice. I think I will give it a go someday! Sorry that it didn't work out too well for you though! :( xxx

    1. I love DIYs as well! It's ashamed it didn't work for me. Hope it works for you. :D


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