Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pick Up These Books #2

I have read some many more books since my last book post. Which I will link here. I love reading so here's some books I have finished.

Divergent By Veronica Roth

This is a book I read over the summer I wanted to read it before I saw the movie. This book was really good it reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games but better and with a twist. I love the detail and the characters. Great book worth checking out.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Amazing book loved that it went back and forth threw the past and present. Really gave a scent of what she was going threw and how it related to the past. Such a sad book that may make you cry but worth the tears. I am reading the second one currently.

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Butter By Erin Jade Lange 

I don't actually own this book but I think I should. This book by far the best I have read in a while. It's about a boy name Butter and his bullied by his weight and he plays on committing suicide by eating himself to death. He started a website that will show him live eating his last meal. I won't give too much away but you have to check out this book!

Hope you like these books. What are some books you have been loving lately?


  1. I really want to read the Divergent trilogy, I've heard it's so good! Not seen the film yet either. Butter sounds really good, definitely a unique concept!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. The movie is ok but not as great as the book.

  2. I read If I Stay a few years ago and loved it (from what I can remember anyway!)

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  3. great books!~

    xoxo, rae

  4. I've heard about If I Stay before, have added it to my list - thanks for sharing! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  5. I made the mistake of watching divergent before reading the book so I hope I'll have enough time to read 'if I stay' before the movie come out this time! Xx

    1. I was waiting to get the book before the movie came out haha.


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