Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Love About Fall.

Image from tumblr words by me.

The color change of the leaves

I love when the leaves become orange, red and yellow. It really sets the mood for fall.

Hot chocolate

It's the prefect time to break out the hot chocolate and curl up in a blanket. As you know me there is never a wrong time to drink hot chocolate but the fall is a prefect excuse.

The cold weather

To be honest I love cold weather I love in the morning when you wake up and you go outside there's that crisp cold air.

Apple picking

Apple picking has always been something I would look forward to when I was little. I would pick as many as I could and I would have the best time.

Warm sweaters and boots

Time to get out the warm sweater and boots and pack away the swimsuits. I love when you can wear your favorite sweaters everyday. Also I get to wear my Uggs boots which I love.

I love fall and it's one of the most excited and beautiful times of the year. What's some of your favorite things about fall?


  1. I love the warm clothes and cosy evenings indoors with a onesie and a cuppa! I definitely do not like being outside in the cold weather though, brrr!

    Alexandra ♡


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