Friday, July 3, 2015

My High School Experience

image from tumblr

Last week I graduated high school! So I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about my high experience. My high school experience is like most people's full of
friends and laughs. Full of bullies and tears. High school was where I found myself and started my blog my sophomore year. High school taught me to have a good time before you have to really think about your life and college. High school was the fun years were I still was finding myself not having a clue what
the future would hold. High school is where I found a passion for writing and pottery. High school is where I made friends and lost some. High school is full of adventures that are worth the trip. It's worth the journey more than the destination.

What was/is high school like for you?


  1. I'm glad you can look at your experience in this way, I know I didn't have a great time whilst at school but I did find a passion for both performing arts and photography, not to mention Journalism x

    1. High school wasn't the best years on my life but definitely had a huge impact in finding myself.


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