Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Empties #4

More products I have used up in the last couple of months.

Target Up & Up Makeup Remover Wipes

These makeup remover wipes were ok they got the job done. But nothing really stood out using these. The smell kind of put me off it smells like alcohol and just weird. They stung my eyes when I got it in my eyes. Would not recommend these.

Would you repurchase this?

No I need to try the Simple ones.

Soap&Glory Rightous Body Butter 

I'm so sad to see this go I loved it well it lasted. I did a whole review on this which you can check out if you click here. So I won't go into it too much. This is sooo moisturizing and a little goes a long way. Great scent for the summer.

Would you repurchase this?

Yes if I could find where they sold it.

Chapstick Cake Batter 

One of the best chapsticks I have used. The smell makes you want to eat it which I would not recommend. Very moisturizing.

Would you repurchase this?

Yes and I bought the three pack so I have two to get through.

Nivea Mint and Mineral Lip Balm

I love Nivea lip balms sooo much. This one was no exception it leaves a tingling feeling behind from the mint. Used this up super quick.

Would you repurchase this?

Yes when I finish my other chapsticks and lipbalms.

Lush Sympathy For Your Skin

I got this as a sample when I purchased the floating island bath melt. This lotion smells exactly like the bath melt and I fell in love with it. Doesn't leave a greasy feeling behind and very moisturizing.

Would you repurchase this?


St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask

I really like this as a scrub for the summer if you have a sunburn it works wonders. You just take a little bit of this and scrub it in and all the dead skin peeling off comes right off. As a mask this works too leave it on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes and leaves your skin soft.

Would you repurchase this?


What are some products you have you used up?

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