Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bath&Body Haul!

I was soo excited when the Holiday scents for Bath&Body came out that I had to buy some of them. 

Winter Candy Apple Hand Santizer, Body Wash and Wallflower.

I was really excited to try the scent Winter Candy apple because I have hear so many good things about it. The scent is very similar to Fresh Market Apple which is one of my favorite scents ever. Can't wait to try these and tell you what I think.

Vanilla Bean Noel Wallflower

I really liked this scent it was vanilla (of course) which I love the scent of and it smells a bit similar to frosted cupcake wallflower I used up that I loved but they don't make it around this time which I really want so I went with this because it was the closes I could find.

Hope you like my post. What's your favorite Bath&Body Scent?


  1. These scents sound amazing. Hmm, I love vanilla scents!

  2. I have the winter candy apple wallflower, it's currently smelling up my house and making everything smell christmassy. Although, I must be used to the smell now because I haven't been able to smell it for weeks now. Maybe I will change the position of where it is in the wall. what did you think of the other goodies you bought?


    1. I thought they were great so far I still haven't tried the peppermint one yet.


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