Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Favorite Skin Moisturizers

With the cold months approaching my skin has been getting dry and flaky. Not pretty I know. With sensitive skin I have to be careful with what I put on my skin. I have used the Clinique lotion for years and recently discovered with Clinique moisture surge overnight mask. With these amazing moisturizer my skin looks healthy and hydrated. 

The Clinique lotion is super thin but packed with moisture and hydration that leaves skin feeling great. When you first apply it is a little bit greasy but quickly goes away and you're left with smooth skin.

The Clinique moisture surge overnight mask makes your skin silky smooth and hydrated. It says it's a mask but you don't even have to wash it off.  Both of these mousire and super easy and quick to use to get beautiful looking skin.

What are your favorite moisturizers? 


  1. I'll have to put the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask on my wish list- it sounds perfect for the winter! I like the Garnier Moisture Matte and Origins night-a-mins :)

    Aim | x x

  2. Looks interesting! Lovely photos ♡

    Hope you had wonderful Friday ~ Love from Slovakia ~

    ♡ last days ♡


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