Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trying Some New Products!

As a blogger I try a lot of new products some I love and some not so much. I found these products and wanted to give them a go and I'm glad I did.

Olay Strawberry and Mint Body Wash

I literally love the smell of this body wash. It smells sweet but refreshing with the mint. It's a pretty light milk color and lathers really well. The scent lasts a while but after a while can get annoying. 

Nyx Matte Lipstick In Aria

I have really been loving purple lipstick and I think it's perfect for winter and fall. It a deep purple but still looks good for everyday.

Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

I have heard so many people love this conditioner so I had to give it a try. I'm not a huge fan of coconut but I love the smell of this conditioner it's smells and not overpowering at all. It gets knots out of my hair and leaves it soft all day long.

What are some products you have tried?


  1. That lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous!! I might have to look out for that myself!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. I love NYX lipsticks. I am currently loving their Lip Butter in Pops. It is a lovely nude that is a perfect "my lips but better" color. I also love the Organix Coconut line. I am admittedly obsessed with coconut though, so anything coconut is at the top of my list. :D

    Hillary | A Very Charmed Life

  3. Ahh, I've been on the hunt for a perfect purple shade. Might have found the one :)


  4. NYX is just a life saver at times. That brand has some ridiculously good products!

    OGX is such a hit or miss brand for me. There are some of their lines that do nothing for my hair, and then there are some that do wonders. I'm a fan of their Kukui line (the black + gold bottle) and their Argan Oil of Morocco line (the blue bottle). The coconut line didn't do too much for my hair, but my best friend swears by it! lol.



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