Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Movies

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Christmas is the best time of the year to sit down wrap yourself in blanket with hot chocolate and watch a movie.


I mean who doesn't like the movie elf around Christmas. It's hilarious and super cute. I would say this is one the best movies Will Ferrell is in. My favorite line from this movie is "Hello this is Buddy the elf what's your favorite color." 

The Santa Clause Movies

I'm talking about the ones with Tim Allen in them. They funny and just brighten up my mood right away.  Tim Allen is funny and has to be Santa Clause with the help of his son Charlie.

Home Alone

I think everyone has seen these movies and likes them. It's about a kid that is left at home on the holidays and eats whatever he wants and does whatever he wants. 

What's your favorite Christmas movie?


  1. Polar express is definitely an all time fave of mine x

    Great post x

  2. Elf & Home Alone 1 & 2 are my fav's! Just another 11ish months until we can watch them again haha!
    Love your blog.
    Aimee X


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