Saturday, December 5, 2015

Winter Essentials

Winter a love and hate relationship. Winter is great for hot Lush bath but it's so cold outside. With winter you're going to need a couple of things  to get you through the cold months ahead.


Lotion is a must when it comes to winter! I really love the Righteous body butter from Soap&Glory it's so moisturizing and leaves my skin smelling and feeling great. Also another favorite it Soap&Glory hand food it smells just like the body butter. It leaves you hands silky smooth and hydrated. 


I love the Clinique moisture surge mask it's super hydrating and leaves your skin soft and looking healthy.


Chapped lips no more. In the winter you need to protect your lips and keep them from getting dry. I like the Nivea lipbutters they are hydrating and smells yummy.

Red Lipstick

How can I forget red lipstick it just puts me in a holiday Christmas mood. I  absolutely been loving the Kate Moss lipstick in 107. It's so overrated but such a perfect color for winter.

What are some of your winter essentials?


  1. I agree with all of your essentials! For me a really hydrating facial oil is a must, as I find they're extra hydrating especially when used under rich moisturiser :) x

    Blogmas || Beautiful Solutions

  2. Moisturizer, especially hand cream, is such a must!! I love the Kate Moss Rimmel 107 color, I wear it so often.

  3. Great post! Red lipstick and hand cream are definitely some of my winter Staples x

  4. Yup, we definitely need hand cream and lipbalm in our lives! Especially when it's cold outside, my skin tends to dry out so easily. So I always carry with me these 2 life-savior items :)

    1. Winter drys out my hands so much too! I don't I know what I would do without lotion.

  5. Love the hand food, I carry it everywhere with me :)
    Aimee X


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