Saturday, April 16, 2016

Types of people at the gym

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If you seen my post about going to the gym then you know that I really like it. But of course there's people that are just plain annoying at the gym. There are a couple types of people at the gym that I have noticed.

The starer. They are looking at you the whole time you're at the gym.  They stare at you when you're on a machine or just walking around. It's not just a quick glance it's a full on stare.

The try hard. This person is just going way too hard at the gym lifting 200 pounds and making weird noises to get attention. Also wear the most exposed shirt possible just to show off their muscles. Drinking all their high protein shakes. Like calm down.

The makeup overload. This person wears so much makeup to the gym they look like they're going to a party afterwards. Like why wear all that makeup when you going to sweat.

The lazy. The person who just sits on a machine and does one set and then just sit there for 10 minutes. Just stares at other people working out too. Umm I want to use that machine to actually work out.

The butt showoff. This person will go on any machine and try to make their butt look good or show it off to all the guys at the gym.

The confused. The person that doesn't know what the heck they're doing. Doesn't know how to use any of the machines so just going on the treadmill for an hour.

Do you have have the same people at your gym?

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