Monday, September 12, 2016

First Impression: Yes To Coconut Hand Lotion

So I have been wanting to try something from the Yes To line so I picked up the hand lotion. I think the coconut line smells the best out of all the of collections they have. My first impression of this was I didn't really love the scent after a while. It smells very fake and not like I though it did. It's very moisturizing though and makes your hands feel super soft!

It has a weird consistency though but it does absorb really well into your skin. It lasts for hours and if you still wash your hands it still makes your hands soft. 

Overall this lotion is really good if you can get past the smell then it's amazing!!

Have you tried this lotion? What did you think??


  1. Ah lovely post, it was nice to hear your thoughts on this hand lotion as I’ve had my eye on it too. I’ve been wanting to try something by the Yes-To brand although I was not sure what to pick from other people’s reviews online. I think it’s great that Boots stock a cruelty-free brand and think the price point is good. Hopefully this is just the beginning, I would love to see more such brands on the high-street. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. Nice article, thank you for the sharing



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