Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Splat Hair Chalk

Splat hair chalk is alright. It's a beautiful color. I have the color  Mint candy. It's a light blue that shows up in any hair color. It lasts pretty long but does rub off on hands and skin. I love that it gives you a bold look to your hair instead of the boring look. It really pops and makes people take notice. Overall it is good but I would probably not get it again.

This is how it came out on my hair. 


  1. Is it like some sort of quick dye? Looks interesting but the final result seems odd!! I get why you wouldn't buy it again!

    1. It just chalk and very dry. I wouldn't get it again because I personally just didn't like that it came off so easily. How you try it though and have better results. :)


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