Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers!
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I love looking through my stocking so here's some ideas of what to put in your stocking.

1. Makeup removing wipes

These are great to have there easy for quickly removing makeup on the go.

2. Lotion

Any lotion is great to put in your stocking because of the cold winter you're going to have dry hands.

3. Face Wash/Cleanser

This is good to get because everyone needs some face wash and what a great time to stock up.

4. Books

Books are perfect to put in your stocking if you have been wanting  to read a book for a while.

5. Nail polish

These are small and great idea to put in your stocking.

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift if you don't know what someone wants for the holidays. They can buy whatever they want without you stressing out if you got the wrong thing.

7. Lush Bath Bombs

Who doesn't love lush?

8. Lipstick Or Any Makeup

You can't go wrong with makeup.

9. Chapstick

This is a great gift because you're going to need chapstick for the cold winter months.


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