Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Empties #2

I haven't done an empties in such a long time so I finally collected a couple of things I used up.

Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

This was the very first bath bomb I have ever tried so I was really excited to try it. I love the smell it left my skin really soft and smelling good. The one thing I was disappointed in was it didn't make the water colorful like most Lush bath bomb do. So that was a let down but I still really liked it.

Would I repurchase this?


Lush So White Bath Bomb

I loved this bath bomb it smells like apples which was so yummy! I cut this bath bomb in half so I could use it twice. It left my skin soft and make the water pink and bubbly which was awesome.

Would I repurchase this?


Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

I really liked this mascara it made my lashes look so much longer and fuller. The one problem this mascara is that a lot of it comes out on the brush so I have to wipe some of it off before I applied it. Other then that the mascara is really good and worth a try.

Would I repurchase this?

Not right now I have so many mascara to use first.

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume Sample

To be honest I didn't like this perfume in the began it just didn't smell that good to me. But when I tried it a couple more time I fell in love with the scent it's sweet and musky. Such a good perfume!

Would I repurchase this?

Maybe, I'm debating whether to get the full bottle.

Lush Cupcake Mask

I did a full review on this below so you can check that out. I really liked this mask.

Would I repurchase this?


Bath&Body Winter Candy Apple Body Wash

This was the first time trying this scent and I really liked it. It was sweet like candy and left my skin feeling clean.

Would I repurchase this?

Yes can't wait to get it during the holidays!

I hope you liked this post and tell me if you have tried any of this products and what you thought.

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