Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netflix Tag!

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Who doesn't like sitting for hours watching Netflix?

1.) What's are your favorite series to watch on Netflix?

Probably The Vampire Diaries and Bob's Burgers. Totally two different types of shows but still great!

2.) What is one problem you have with Netflix?

After you watch a couple of episodes it asks you if you're still watching. Which is kind of annoying if you're really comfy.

3.) Recommend one series or movie to someone from Netflix.

I would definitely check out Bob's burger it's so hilarious. You will probably love all the character and not be able to pick one as your favorite. 

4.) If you could have any old or new shows/movies on Netflix which would they be?

Problery all the old Disney shows that I watch as a kid. Who doesn't like old Disney shows they were so relatable back then Lizzie Mcguire *Cough Cough.*

5. Did you discover an awesome movies/series on Netflix??

Yes I found some great movies on Netflix that I would never have watched before. Gimme Shelter, Labor Day, Freaks And Geeks which is a show and so many more to list.

That's all the questions hope you liked this post. I tag anyone who would like to do this tag.

What is your favorite thing about Netflix and your favorite series/movie?

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