Friday, February 7, 2014

My Bullying Story

This is the last post this week I hope you liked the little theme this week maybe I'll do something like this again.

I have been bullied through out my life by multiple people. They have brought me down so much. Sometimes I thought the world would be better without me. I used to cry a lot and I felt like I had no one to talk to. I still am bullied but I'm much more likely to stand up for myself now. I have good friends by my side and love me for who I am.

If you're bullied know that you're not alone. Don't end your life just because someone doesn't know how to be nice. Trust me you have so much to live for this is just a small period in your life.You can get through it you're stronger than you think. :)

Bullying is not ok. Bullying can't be stopped but it can be decreased.

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