Thursday, October 8, 2015

Websites I Played As A Kid

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Ever think back to what games you played on the computer when you were little? How embarrassing if you really think of it. Like I really played that? I thought I would go back to when I was little and share some of the websites I played as a kid.

Club Penguin

This was probably one of my favorite games to play on the internet. You were a penguin and you waddle around talking to friends. Of course I needed to be a member on this website so I could buy all the little clothes and accessories for my penguin. Also you lived in an igloo which you could decorate and have parties. One of my favorite websites to play on when I was a kid.


You bought these stuffy toys and add the codes on the websites which gave you that character. You got to take care of your animals and dress them up. You would decorate your house and play games that would give you money to buy more.


I found this website off a cereal box. You had a person that you had to feed and dress. You had a house that you could decorate. This website was soon discounted after a few years which was annoying because it actually was a fun game.


This website is was all about fashion and beauty which was how I really got into it. You could design your own clothes and buy clothes from well known stores that actually existed. You had a doll which was your character in the game that you could dress up and do their makeup alose decorate their suite. I still check on my doll once in awhile because their no real age to stop playing this game. But I don't really do anything on there because it not really for me anymore.

What embarrassing websites/games did you play as a kid?


  1. Omg, Club Penguin! Hahaha, I was OBSESSED with that game! What a great list, Anna!

    May | THE MAYDEN


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