Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Beauty Confessions

A post filled with my a few of my beauty confessions. 

1. Wearing my makeup to bed. I know everyone does this once or twice but I do it almost every night. Which is so gross but I am so lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off at night. I'm so tired and don't want to deal with the routine of taking it off.

2. Not using lip liners. I know you're supposed to use lip liners when putting on lipstick but I don't. It's just one other step that I don't have time for and I just like to slap on my lipstick and go.

3. Peeling off my nail polish. Who has time to get out nail polish remover when you can just peel it all off.

4. Cleaning Brushing? You're supposed to clean them? Oh.

5. I don't own any MAC lipsticks and probably never will.

What are some of your beauty confessions?


  1. I have a major thing about going to bed with my make up on, I just won't do it!! But I'm awful for peeling my nail varnish off, it's so bad for your nails :(
    Not owning MAC shouldn't be a confession, I personally choose to boycott MAC because they test on animals so I think that's a good thing haha :)
    Teri-May xx

    1. Need to stop sleeping with my makeup still on. Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. I can completely relate to 4 and 5. Although I've just done a post on brush cleaning, I definitely don't do it as often as I should!

    Aim | x x


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