Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Pamper Evening

After a long week I just want to fall on the couch and relax. On the weekends I like the pamper myself a little bit after a long hard week of school and blogging. Having these pamper session really boost me from the week ahead and give my tons of energy to start the week off right.

Break out the Lush bath bombs! 

Nothing says relaxation like a hot colorful Lush bath. Soak in the tub with tunes blasting or your Netflix playing a good movie or shows your need to catch up on.

Make a hot drink and leave on a face mask

Make your favorite warm drink and sit back with your favorite face mask to get that week long makeup out of your skin. That way your skin is looking amazing for Monday!

Put Your Pjs on with blanket wrapped around you binge watching TV

Sit back with warm fuzzy blanket and watch  a TV show you have been wanting to see.

Order Out!

No one has time for cooking when you relaxing and catching up on some TV. Order for your favorite place and treat yourself.


  1. I love the perks of being a wallflower and toy story 3! Great post x

  2. This post makes sooo wanna do exactly just this! I think I'm gonna pamper myself a little bit now :)

  3. This sounds like the perfect pamper evening! Also, I love Toy Story 3! It's so good and gives me all the feels!

    1. Toy Story is such a classic movie can't go wrong with it.


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