Sunday, September 14, 2014

Things To Do When You Sit Alone At Lunch.

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Hey! Everyone hates to sit alone at lunch or anywhere in public. Unless you listening to music and just chilling there but other then that no wants to be alone. I have had this problem many times and I have learn a couple things you can do to stay busy.

1.) Read a book at lunch. You can catch up on a good book everyone is reading. Also you can't beat a good book.

2.) Go to the library. I know this sounds pretty lame but I have done it before. I just go to the library and go on the computer and eat my lunch there. It gives you something to do and you look like your busy so no one bothers you.

3.) Make some new friends. there's nothing wrong with trying to make new friends you can never have too many.

4.) Go see if anyone else is sitting alone. Most likely other people are sitting alone at lunch so you can make their day and sit with them. Who knows hey might even become your best friend.

I hope this helps!


  1. good ideas, i hate siting alone! x


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