Saturday, September 6, 2014

TMI Tag!

Hi I changed up the questions and didn't answer all of them in the tag. Enjoy!

Image from tumblr words by me

What are you wearing?

Pjs :)


Spiders and Heights. 

Have you ever been in love?

With food yes.

Favorite shows?

The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Finding Carter, Teen Wolf and Awkward.

Favorite Bands?

The Beatles, The Who, Imagine Dragons, Nickelback.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

15 or 10 minute because I sleep in and I'm usually running late.

Favorite color?

Purple and Turquoise   

Last song you sang?

When I was Your Man By Bruno Mars

Sweet or Sour?

Sour I love sour candy!

Meaning behind your blog name?

I really just randomly came up with it. But I think that all teenagers are pretty awkward so I guess that's the reason.

Favorite Quote?

Be Yourself everyone else is already taken

What Qualities do you look for in a Partner?

Kind, Funny, Understanding, Sweet.

Hope you liked the Tag!


  1. great tag!
    I hate spiders too, You're not on your own with that one xxx


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