Friday, August 28, 2015

Experience Shopping At Lush

I love Lush as many of you know. Most of my trips there are amazing and I get everything that I want. But some are just annoying. Like the last time I went to Lush the employees surround me pressuring me into get products. Which I totally get that they have to sell stuff but I already knew what I wanted to get. I really hate when I go shopping and you go into a store and the people that work there are all over you. I like to ask for help or when I have a question I will ask. But I don't need someone following me around where it becomes unbearable to shop there.

On a happier note most of the time I go there they are super nice and give me plenty of space to look around. They act like they're truly interested in your life and share their experiences. Some employees will honestly tell you what worked for them and what didn't.

Shopping at Lush is certainly an experience in itself and can get very overwhelming with all the scents and products laid out. 

What do you think about shopping at Lush have you had an bad experiences?


  1. I know what you mean!! I experience the same sometimes, that I already know what I want, and an employee is totally into selling me other stuff, and then I'm too weak to say no, lol. I'm soon gonna post a blog about sorts of people that go to Lush (not to bash anyone, just for fun :p) I love reading your blog btw, you got a new follower here!

    x Ilse

    1. I know right I'm too nice to say no. I will have to check that blog out. Thank you :)


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