Saturday, August 1, 2015

Things I Can't Do

I saw Dana from thewonderforest do this post a while ago and I really want to do this post. We all try to hide what we can't do but really who cares. So you can't do something everyone has something their not good at or can't do. We all have flaws and we should embrace them.

Math- I am horrible at math just horrible I can't do simple math or any math for that matter. I can use a calculator and add/subtract but other then that I'm stuck.

Stop Overthinking- I'm sure everyone has this problem once in a while. But with all my OCD and anxiety I never stop thinking about things.


  1. I am really bad at maths! I ended up having to teach a lot of my GCSE course to myself so I could pass my exam! And I did! Stay focused and keep practicing and you will get there x


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