Saturday, August 30, 2014

Places To Go Things To See

Here's a list of where I want to visit.


A beautiful city where I would love to go. I want to ride in one of those big red buses and call someone from the red telephone booths.


Looks like the most beautiful place. The mountains and the ocean/beaches look amazing. I also want to visit the country side and see the small little cottages across the mountains.


I want to the beaches there and swim. I want to Kangaroos and Koala Bears.


Not many people want to visit here but I do. I want to see the Polar Bears, Penguins and the seals. Also I want to see the Northern Lights at night I mean who wouldn't want to.

Where do you want to visit?


  1. I used to live in London and it is right to be at the top of your list! It is full of culture and there is always something or someone to take pictures of. If you visit you should go to a shop called Primark, you'll be in there for hours. I'd also like to go to australia as it's a place I have never been


    1. I have heard about Primark so much that I really want to go there.


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