Monday, July 28, 2014

Apps I like

Some Apps I like


You can follow me at annabanana002. Just like to see everyone's pictures of what their up to and doing.


Helps me keep connected to my readers and others. You can follow me @annabananagirlx

Disco Zoo

This app is just a fun zoo app. You own your own zoo and there tons of different animals to take care of.


A fun place to write story and share them. Which is nice to see how talented people are. I mostly read short stories on there it just quicker to get through and there is just so much info in one chapter.


Its an amazing new app that I got an its all about beauty. Hints the name. In this app you can talk to people about products and get reviews on them. You can shop for makeup. This app had been very helpful for getting quick easy reviews on products you want to try.

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