Saturday, July 5, 2014

Monthly Favs

Hi ya! Sorry it's so late. I think this might be my very first monthly favorites if it's not then oh well. Let's get right into it.

Maybelline Baby Lips in quenched

This is lip balm is pretty good. It is a clear lip balm and I think it smells really sweet and fruity. I think it smells just like fruit loops. I have had a bad experience in the past with baby lips. I had an allergic reaction to peach kiss where I felt like I couldn't breath. So I was very hesitant to try it again. I tried a different one because I thought it was the formula for the peach kiss. There's nothing special about this lip balm but it gets the job done.

Soap&Glory Righteous butter

This stuff is amazing but I wouldn't say to much since I have already wrote a full review on it. So you can click here to see it.

Simple Makeup Remover

I picked this up because I ran out of my Clinique makeup remover and I need quick to use. It also was cheap about $2 dollars for the travel size one. This makeup is pretty good. You can defentily tell it's taking off our makeup because I can see my concealer on the cotton pad. One problem with this makeup remove though is it feels greasy after I wipe my makeup away. But other than that it is a pretty good cheap makeup remover.

Teen Wolf

Teen wolf is back on and I'm so excited. I started watching teen wolf a year ago and I just feel in love with. One thing that bothered me about last season though is Allison died on the season final. She was probably one of my favorite characters for the show.

Hot Chocolate

I know what your think it's summer why the heck am I drink hot chocolate?!?! Well I love hot coca so much that I drink it year round. I'm a hot chocolate addicted I drink it like people drink coffee. But I have been especially loving it this month because my dad got a keurig for father's day and I got hot cocoa for it. It's so easy to make on the go.

Hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites.

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