Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lush Wishlist

Images from Lush.com

 These bath bombs from Lush look amazing and are definitely a must have. The Butterball and the Blackberry bath bombs. I have heard so many good things about them so I'm tempted to try them.

Images from Lush.com

Also the some Fresh face masks. I have tried the catastrophe mask and I loved it! Click here for the review. Also I want to try the cupcake one because I love the smell of chocolate and cupcakes.

Image from Lush.com

Last by not least is the American cream hair conditioner. It smells like strawberries and vanilla with I love. 

Ever since I tried Lush for the first time I have been wanting to try more. So I thought I would share what I want to try there.


  1. I'm tempted to try the American cream hair conditioner, sounds like it smells delicious :) x


    1. Me too so want to try it. Thanks for the comment! :)


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