Saturday, July 12, 2014

Being That Nobody in High School

Everyone has those moment where we feel like were a nobody in high school. Well that's because were insecure teenagers we think we have no friends and everyone doesn't like us. I have those moments all the time. Like today actually I had I guess a friend and now she doesn't talk to me much anymore. She talks to my other friend in that class. 

Not everyone has those three prefect friends that you see in movies. Where their always together and then get into a huge argument. Then everything is better at the end of the movie. Why does life work out like in the movies? Find a friend where you can be like Spongebob and Patrick they are prefect friends and they can be their crazy annoying self in front of each other.

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But it's high school it's the one place where you go for 6 hours to learn and get stares from people how don't even know you but are already judging you. High school is just 4 years out of life and then you can be who ever you want to be. No one calling you names and giving you mean glares. You can be yourself.

What I'm trying to say out of this whole thing is it's just high school and we all have been threw it.  Let the haters hate and keep going it's 4 small years out of a long happy life that's ahead of you.

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  1. yes you are right. why do we can't be like spongebob and patrick? cool post! I love the words, bdw x)

  2. lovely post! you're right, it's just a stage of your life and you'll forget about it afterwards

    from helen at

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  3. Love your post - entertaining to read as always! HS can be a nightmare but it will always get better xx

    1. Thank you yes it sure does get better.


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