Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being That Somebody in High School

I previously wrote a post about being that nobody in high school. So I thought I would write about about being that somebody in high school. So here we go.

Of course your not going to be extremely popular in high school. Not trying to bring you down or anything but it's true. I am not very popular to begin with, I don't really have a group of my own. But you don't need to be popular in high school to be someone.

The most important thing is to be happy with yourself and have confidences. So what if you don't fit in I think it's better if you don't fit in. You are your own kind of person and you don't follow the crowd.  

Some tips that I have for high school and to make it the best are

1.)  Don't follow the crowd

That's probably the biggest mistake to make in high school. If you follow the crowd your always going to follow the crowd. You can't be your own person in your following what everyone else is doing.

2.)  Make friends with those who make you happy and you can be yourself

High school is really going to suck if you don't have friends that love you for who you are. Your not going to have anyone to tell secrets and talk to at lunch. Make friend with awesome people that will last a lifetime.

3.) Be who you are don't change for anyone

I know if you like a guy and you want to be what he is looking for. But trust his not worth it if you have to change who you are just to be with him.

and of course

4.) Do the work

There's no point of going to school if you don't do the work. 

I have learn a lot of from High school but I have really learn to be yourself because that's who your stuck with for the rest of your life. Love yourself and don't change. Be who you are because the true you is pretty great! :)

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