Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reading out loud

That's probably the thing I hate most about school. I don't get why we have to read out loud it's just embarrassing. I'm not a fantastic reader so when I read out loud it's pretty much a train wreck. I love to read but in my head it sounds so much better and smoother. Well that's probably because there's not 30 kids waiting for me to mess up. The whole point of reading out loud to me is I think just to embarrass kids in front of their friends and classmates. Or maybe the teacher is just to lazy to read it which isn't fare to the students if they have trouble reading out loud.

I have had so much trouble over the years reading out loud that I sink down in my chair and wait for them to choose someone else. i have a reading disability so that doesn't really help at all. I guess we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

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  1. I see you point, even though I've never had trouble reading out loud and quite enjoy it, I do know people who don't like it. It's not like your music teacher is going to force you to sing in front of the class (unless they are really unkind!)
    Interesting and unique post!
    Really like your blog as well!
    Love L xx

  2. I was like that at school. Got more confident as I got older, but I used to hate it too. Trouble was, when picked I used to panic, read fast and not clearly. The trick is to pretend you're just reading in your bedroom by yourself and read slowly, and really try and absorb what you're reading. I promise your confidence will grow as you get older and get more used to reading aloud. As you get older the classes also get smaller, and the teachers (usually) ask who wants to read instead of picking on people.

    1. Yeah I couldn't agree more Thanks. :)

  3. I'm a confident reader but even I don't like to read out loud unless I have to. Be proud of what you are because everyone has their little 'faults' but they aren't really..faults, they make you who you are, Liberty x


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